Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Brunei Traditional Games

Last time when I was a kid, we used to play traditional games like "kaki tiga" (the 3 slippers/feet). If you never heard of it, this is how we play it (maybe different to others). First you form 2 teams of 3 atleast. It is like cricket I guess. Instead of having wickets, we use 3 cheap slippers (we called it "slipar jepun"). This is how we played it last time.

First you arranged those slipers so that they stand like a pyramid. The objective is to knock down those slippers at a reasonable distance using a tennis ball, then arranged them back without being thrown out from the game. The protecting team will have to throw the ball to opposing team to kick them out. If the protecting team is able to know all opposing member teams, the win a point. If the opposing time manage to arrange those slippers back in order. You can design your own rules to make it more interesting but that is the concept of it.

Few days ago, we discussed about our past experience when we still kids, what games we played when we were at school. We played like marble balls (guli), "skupong" (dont know the english word for it, knocking pens of the table (haha lame but some even put leads on to make it heavier) and many more.

Today, check out the kids. ipods, handphones with cool softwares and games, psp and lots more. They have better entertainment than us 15 years ago haha. Can't really blame them.

Anyways, share your ideas about Brunei traditional games and sports, especially the uncommon ones that you may have created your selves or from others

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Ron Llanes said...

Thanks for posting this. A friend and I were just talking about old games we used to play and skopong came up and we couldn't find anything on the net